Cure for Cancer of Pride

We all have hearts. Our job is to keep our hearts pure. Life is about keeping your heart pure. The greatest impurity is pride. Pride is worse than cancer. Initiating salaam is one cure for pride. One point to note is that the salaam has to be a sincere salaam.

Source: An-Noor

6 thoughts on “Cure for Cancer of Pride”

  1. my mum is currently have cancer again, she is up going chemo again and she may die soon also she is goin hajj on thursday can she be cured of her discease god bless inshallah pray for her

  2. inshaallah she will be cured allah swt will cure her…if she reads quran and drink zamzam water inshaallah she will be ok…..

  3. Inshallah She will be cured and all those true believers of God, the God fearing. Pray to God for He has the knowledge of everything and if he wishes a thing, it shall happen.

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