Remove a Harmful Thing

‎”Removing anything harmful from the path is part of faith.” We are taught to be concerned about the safety and well being of all human beings to this degree. If a road or pathway that is used by people, be they Muslim or not, has anything that may cause harm upon it, then in the same way that we would like to save ourselves, we should like that for all. One day we will have been saved due to a similar deed by others.
Mufi Ismail Menk

4 thoughts on “Remove a Harmful Thing”

  1. Asslaamoalaikum. I feel it is very difficult to implement this with regard to roads in India and particularly in Mumbai !! It is different if you are talking about spiritual path.

  2. Assalamu alaikum,

    Its true and authentic. But in UK, Muslims spit, throw cans, kick things on the road without thinking.

    The blame goes to the parents who themselves are not correct, so their foolish actions are picked by the children.

    May ALLAH SWT guide us all ……….aameen

  3. Assalamwalaikum. I read ur article on Harmful things have to remove from path. Now a days ther is lots of things on road that harm ful human. Allah has created every one. Is Killing of dogs is accepted becoz it poses more danger to human.

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