Rights of Parents

1. You should not cause them any harm even if they commit any excesses.

2. Respect and honour them in your speech and dealings with them.

3. Obey them in permissible acts.

4. If they are in need of money, assist them even if they are kafirs.

5. The following rights are due to parents after their death:

(a) Continue making duas of forgiveness and mercy for them. Continue sending rewards to them in the form of optional acts of worship and charity on their behalf.

(b) Meet their friends and relatives in a friendly way and also assist them wherever possible.

(c) If you have the finances, fulfil their unpaid debts and the permissible bequests that they have made.

(d) When they pass away, abstain from crying and wailing aloud or else their souls will be troubled.

6. According to the Shariah, the rights of the paternal and maternal grandparents are similar to those of the parents and they should be regarded as such.

7. Similarly, the rights of the maternal and paternal uncles and aunts are similar to those of the parents. This has been deduced from certain Ahadith. (Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said: “The maternal aunt has the status of one�s mother.” – Tirmidhi)

24 thoughts on “Rights of Parents”

  1. i Have learnt a lot from this article that allah as it is only through the mercy of allah that someones proportion of knowledge increases

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  3. Brother Ahmed,I’m a convert..my father died a,hindu and my mother refuses my dawah to Islam. I cannot surely pray for my father? And what if,his brothers and sisters and their families,have always been brutal, very negligent and slanderous towards my mother,how can I uphold ties of kinship with them,knowing that they are quite genuinely wicked(i can’t help but say it)? Plus that would wound and hurt my ma greatly. (these relatives are also hindus)

  4. walaykum as salam and thank you so much for your guiding reply and for sending me the link to askimam.org. May Allahtaala reward you and may haqislam.org blossom manifold ,daily. Jazak Allah khair

  5. Thank you. It is a great service for Islam. It is the time for continue a meaningful and logical struggle for the revival of Islam. All the ememies of Islam are untied against Islam and trying hard to undermine Islam with all its values and richnesses. I pray for the health and success of all the young muslims who have devoted their lives for the survival of Islam. Allah give them victory.


    M Asef Ikram

  6. As-Salaamu alaikum wa-rehmatullahi wa-barkatu

    Thanks for all informations from this site – insha allah i will be try to spred it everyone. Allah bless you all

  7. assalamualikum, Im only 12 years old and my name is Fizza, I go to madarssa

    and my teacher said to right a few rights for parents so a wrote a few but I

    needed more information so I went and I got your website. It really helped me

    with the work!

    Jazakaalah Kahira

  8. my parents hve spend a lot of money in my education.
    bt due to my anxiety disorder problem am unable to do anything.. though we are nt poor bt dey expect a job atleast frm me. being an elder son.. bt due to dis anxiety prob am unable to go outside and find jobs.. wad am I suppose to do.. plz help me..

  9. brother. i am a muslim mashallah but i have disobyed and dishonered my family especially my parents. i am a troubled child and cant keep hold of my anger at times. maybe its because of my parents lack of dedication or poor upbringing towards me. but i have sin and cant find peace no more. my life is misrable and my parents give me bad dua all the time. does that mean that i will not be forgiven in this world and after? is there a way to be saved ?

    1. As Salaamu Alaikum.
      There is always hope for salvation. Ask forgiveness, and strive to please Allah SWT. Perform all prayers. Read Quran. Please your parents in order to please Allah SWT. Read about how to control your anger and how to make up for poor upbringing and how to be a good person and Muslim. Work hard to help your parents any way you can, knowing you can never repay them for the favors they gave you. Tolerate your parents’ anger. Perhaps you have hurt them deeply in the past. Speak respectfully to them always. Soon they will see you have changed, Inshallah. If not, Allah SWT will definitely see, Alhamdulillah.

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