Signs of a Hypocrite

The signs of a hypocrite are that when he speaks he lies, when he promises he breaks the promise, when he is entrusted he betrays & when he is in an argument he screams & yells.

Hypocrisy is to display outwardly that which is contrary to the inward condition.

It is important that each one of us works very hard to identify such weaknesses within ourselves & remedy them as best as we can. This will help purify the heart & make all our acts of worship much more satisfying & meaningful.

May the Almighty protect us from all forms of hypocrisy. Aameen

Mufti Ismail Menk

3 thoughts on “Signs of a Hypocrite”

  1. “Allah has promised the hypocrites men & women ………. the fire of hell” -Surah #9: At-Tauba Verse:68. One may also read the complete Surah- Al Munafiqun #63 which deals with the characteristics & dealings of a hypocrite. The Surah comprises of 11 ayats detailing the behaviour of such people.

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