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In the blink of an eye

So your life is a mess. You cannot find a way out. You have never felt so alone. In the blink of an eye, Allah The Almighty can show you a way out. You only have to turn to Him. He is capable of giving you what you want and more. He will heal you. He will protect you.

Maulana Imtiyaz Sidat

The solution to all

Worried. Frustrated. The solution to all that can be found in prayer. In prostration. Seek Allah The Almighty and you will find the greatest comfort. That is the best antidote you need for stressed souls and aching hearts. Call out to Him, He will surely do what is best for you.

Maulana Imtiyaz Sidat

Love and hate

Do not let your love be obsessive and do not let your hatred be destructive. When you love, do not go to a level of obsession as a child does with the things he loves & when you hate, do not hate in such way that you want your opponent to be destroyed.

Umar RA

Focus on yourself

If you find yourself & your conversation focusing on people; what’s going on in their lives, their relationships, their social status etc, then you have a serious problem on your hand. You need to get out of that mould; focus on yourself rather than being concerned with others.

Prepare for the Month of Fasting

Just as a farmer needs to make an effort to prepare the land for plantation by clearing the shrubs & weeds, then softening the soil & tilling it, planting the seeds & ensuring the proper irrigation & fumigation etc until the day of harvest, we too need to prepare for the month of fasting by leaving all sin, softening our hearts, increase our acts of worship etc. Without this we would not reap the fruits of this month.

Mufti Ismail Menk

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Allah has the Power

No matter how dark it looks right now, Allah has the power to lighten up any darkness in your life. Always remember, If Allah can turn night into day, then surely Allah can turn the darkness of your life into happiness & prosperity, place our complete trust in Allah The Almighty!

Maulana Imtiyaz Sidat