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Angels from Heaven

It is related that when Sahl – bin Abdullah AI – Tustairi died, people flocked from all over to attend his funeral prayer.  An elderly Jew, who lived nearby, was overwhelmed by the mass of people. When his eyes fell on the Janazah, he remarked, “Do you see what I see?”

They asked, “What do you see?”

He cried, “I see angels descending from the heaven taking blessings from it”.

Overcome by what he was witnessing, he confirmed his Faith in Allah and His Messenger.


Rabi bin Sulaiman relates that I saw Imam Ash-Shafi’ in my dreams after his death and Iasked ”Oh Abu Abdullah, how did Allah deal with you?” He replied, ”He sat me down on a chair and showered me with diamonds.”

A Pious Saint relates that I saw Shaykh Abu Is-haak Ibraheem bin Ali bin Yusuf Al-Sherazi in a dream after his death, crowned and clothed in a beautiful white garment. I asked, ”Where is this whiteness appearing from?” He replied, ”Honour of Oobedience.” Again I asked ”And the crown?” He replied ”Honour of knowledge.”

Blessings in the Grave

It has been related from those who used to dig graves that once a grave was dug in some city. In this particular grave a man appeared, sitting on a throne. On seeing this, the grave digger ran and fell unconscious. His companions, not knowing what had happened carried him away.

When night fell, he came round and related the whole incident. Obviously intrigued with what they had heard, the companions requested the man to point out the grave in order that they may experience themselves this unusual phenomena for themselves. He agreed to show them at first light, so his companions lay in wait for daybreak.

That night he saw the same man from the grave in a dream warning him, “I swear by Allah if you show anybody my grave you will receive great punishment.”  The man awoke sweating and breathless. He realised the location of the grave should not be disclosed.

He repented and refused to show anyone. This angered the people but despite their anger the grave digger would not disclose the site of the grave. They were never to know were the grave was.

Words of the Almighty

Mansoor Bin Amar relates that once I saw a young man praying Salah for a considerably long time. I thought to myself perhaps this young man is a ‘Wali’ of Allah. So I decided to wait till he finished. Once he had finisghed, I greeeted him with Salaam which he reciprocated.

I asked him whether he knew of the valley in Jahanam called ‘Laza’. I mentioned a fire bursting forth into flames; so fierce that it burns the scalp and sucks up the liver from within those who turned their back. The young man screamed and fell unconscious.

When he gained consciousness he said, ”Tell me more”. I continued saying, “Oh believers save yourself and your families from that fire whose fuel is men and stones and upon it are appointed angels, harsh and terrible; they do not disobey God in what He commnds them and do whatever thay are commanded”. On hearing this he fell to the ground and died.

On the following night I saw him in a dream sitting on a throne with a crown on his head. I asked , ”What did Allah do with you.” He replied, ”Allah forgave me and gave me the reward equal to the reward of the people of Badr and more.”

Startled at his response I again asked, ”Why did He give you more?” He said, “Because they (the martyrs of Badr) were killed with the non-believers sword, while I was killed by the words of the Almighty”.

The Fruit of Belief and Tawakal

Malik b. Dinar (mercy be upon him) says, ”I was on my way to Mecca for the performance of Hajj. When I saw a young boy on foot. He neither had any means of transport nor provision for the journey. I paid him salutationto which he responded.

I said ”O young boy, from where are you coming?” He replied, ”From Him (God). ”Taken back by his reply, I asked him about him about his destination, to which he replied he was returning to God. I asked him,”So where are your provisions of food and water?” The young boy relied, ”I had , at the outset of my journey, some words as the provision of my journey.” I asked him what these words were. He told me: ”These are: Ka’f – Ha’ – Ya’- Ain – Saad – the Holy commandments of the Almighty God.’ He further expalined the words,”Ka’f – The Sufficient; Ha’- The Guide; Ya’- The Protecter; ‘Ain – Knower of all things and Saad – The True To His Promise. Thus a man, the companion of whom is One Who is Sufficient, the unerring guide, the Protecter, the Knower of all things and the true (True of His Words), can never be ruined or entertained by any fear. Can such a person bother another for the carriage of any provision and water during the course of his journey?”

Malik further says,  I wanted to give the young boy my clothes but he refused to take them. The boy replied, ”In the Hereafter, we will be answerable for the permissible things of the world and will have to suffer punishment for the forbidden things.”

When the darkness of night spread over, the young boy turned his face towards the sky and prayed to Allah by uttering these words, ‘O Allah!Favour me with that thing by which Thou art pleased, that is Obedience, and forgive me that thing which causeth Thou no loss, that is Sin’. After this, the people put on their ihram and began to recite the words: ”Here I am to do Thou bidding my Lord!” The young man remained silent. I asked him, ”Why don’t you declare the same?” He replied, ”I am afraid of the response that ”I neither want to talk to you or pay any attention to you (i.e Him not being worthy of service to Allah). After this, he was not seen during the journey.

At last, he was spotted in Mina where he recited some poetic verses,
‘The Beloved, Who is keen to shed my blood, has every right to shed my blood in haram or outside haram. By God! If my soul comes to know with Whom it is related, it may stand headlong instead on foot. O Censorer! Do not censure me for being entangled in His love. If you happen to see, what I am seeing, you would never dare to talk like this. On the day of ‘Id the people sacrified sheep and goats in the way of Allah but the lover of Allah sacrified his life in His way. The people have performed the Hajj but my Hajj is that, I have been able to acquire tranquillity. The people have sacrified sheep and goats but I sacrified my blood and soul. After this he prayed, “The people have gained access to thee by sacrifices. I have nothing to sacrifice save my soul. I offer it to thee for acceptance’. Thereupon he screamed and fell to the ground. He later died.

Malik after witnessing this incident said, “I performed the burial of the young boy and remained anxious and thoughtful about him the whole night. When I fell asleep I saw him in a dream. I asked him, ‘What had happened to you?’ He replied, ‘As had happened with the martyrs of Badr”‘

The Magic of White Garments

It was the practice of Ibrahim Khawas (mercy be upon him) that whenever he set out on a jorney to some place he neither informed anybody nor did anyone have any knowledge of it. All he took with him was a watercistern which he would use for whudu.

Hamid Aswad (mercy be upon him) said,”Once I was in his company, sitting in the mosque when he took his water cistern and set out. I followed him. When we reached Qadsiya he asked me. ”Hamid ! where do you intened to go?” I replied, ”I intened to visit the sacred city of Mecca.” And further added, ”I shall, if Allah so Wills.”

After three days journeying, another young man joined us. He travelled a day and night but did not observe a single prayer. I informed Ibrahim of this. Ibrahim later aked the young man, ”Why have you not observed the prayers?” He replied, ”The prayer is not obligatory on me.” He asked, ” why? Are you not a Muslim?” He answered, ”I am a Christian and in Christianity, I spend the time reposing my trust in God. My inner self had whispered that I had become perfect in the matter of trust. ”I refuted his claim and brought him to the wilderness, with the intention of testing his claim. Ibrahim however said nothing but walked on and advised me not to interfear and allow him to travel with us.

He travelled on with us until we reached Battan Mard. There, Ibrahim asked the Christian, ”What is your name?” He replied, ”My name is Abdul Masih! This is now the boundary of Mecca. The Almighty has prohibited the entry for those who scribe partners to Him”. Furthermore he recited to him a verse from the Qur’an; the translation of which means: “Those, who ascribe partners to Allah, are unclean. They should not even come near the Sacred Mosque.”  The outcome of the test you wanted to give to your inner self is already apparent to you. So you should not enter Mecca. If we happen to see you there we will object to your presence.

Hamid says, “We left him there and moved forward. We reached the sacred city of Mecca. As we passed by Arafat, we saw Abdul Masih there; donned in the lhram. He came to us and fell down at the feet of Ibrahim. Ibrahim asked him, “O Abdul Masih! What happened to you?” He asked Ibrahim not to call him by this name, as he was not the servant of the Masih but a slave of that Being whose slave was also the Masih (Peace be upon him).

Ibrahim then asked him what had brought this change on. He related, “, I sat down at the place where you left me. When another caravan of Muslims passed by, I could not help myself noticing the simple white garments in which they were dressed. Overcome by this, I decided to wear one too and Joined them in their company. On reaching the sacred city of Mecca I saw the House of Allah. At once my previous beliefs had paled into insignificance. I washed myself, became a Muslim and adopted the Ihram. I have been looking for you since the morning.” Thereafter, he remained together with us untill he breathed his last.

Story of an Idolator

Abdul Wahid b. Zaid (mercy be upon him) who belonged to a lineage of saints said, “We were once sailing in a boat. A gush of wind blew away our boat to an island where we saw a man busy adoring an idol. We asked him what he was worshipping. He pointed towards the idol. We said to him that this idol was made with his own hands. How could he worship it? The God whom we worship creates all such things Himself, and so deserves to be worshipped, alone.”

He then asked us, who do you worship? We told him, “We worship the Great God (Allah) who lives in the highest heaven. He alone controls the heavens and the earth. All other creatures whether human or animal depend on Him for their sustenance.” He further asked how we came to know about this Glorious God. We replied, “He sent His final Messenger (Peace be Upon him) to the whole of mankind to teach them about His Greatness.” He proceeded to enquire “Let me know of the place where this Prophet of God is?” We replied, “After the Prophet had completed his mission by conveying the message of God he died and returned to his Lord”.

He continued to ask, “Did this Messenger of God leave behind a thing for your guidance?” We explained, “Yes, he left behind a Book (the Qur’an), which was revealed by God. He asked to see the book. We offered him the Holy Qur’an. He told us he was unable to read and so we recited a few verses for him instead. During the course of its recital he repeatedly wept until we stopped. He finally asserted, “This can only be from Allah, the Most High”, and immediately confirmed his Faith in Allah and His Messenger.

We informed him about the duties of Islam and also explained some verses of the Holy Qur’an. After the late night prayer we went to bed and the man continued to ask questions. “Does Allah sleep at night? he wondered aloud as we lay comfortably in our beds. “Our Exalted God is Everliving and Everlasting. He does not sleep or rest!” we exclaimed. On hearing this he cried, “What disobedient slaves you are! Your Lord keeps awake, whereas you sleep!” We were dumbstruck by his remark. When we were about to return from this island, he begged us to take him with us to allow him to learn more. We agreed.

On reaching the city of ‘Aabadan, says Abdul Wahid, I said to my companions, “This man is our brother, therefore we should provide him with some livelihood”. Some dirhams were offered to him but he refused to accept them and exclaimed, “What is this?” We replied, “These are some dirhams for your expenditure.” He said, “It is enough that.you have shown me the right path. I was upon error and Allah guided me. I did not even worship him yet He neither destroyed nor killed me. I am so grateful to Him and you.

After a few days, we were told that he was about to breathe his last. We went to see him and asked him if there was any need of his to be satisfied. He said no and that he was happy with all that he had gained from Allah. Abdul Wahid said, ” I was all of asudden, overcome by sleep and hence slept there.

While sleeping, I saw a very fertile grden wherein was avery fine vault; a throne occupied by a very beautiful girl, a beauty that I had never seen before. She said to me , ‘By Allah, I returned him to His Lord quickly’, By seeing her in such a state I became very anxious. He addeded, ”When I woke up , the man had passed away. We managed to bury him immediately.”

Again at night, said Abdul Wahid; ”I witnessed the same garden, the same vault and the same girl sitting besides the man who had died. She was recitting the following Qur’anic verse, the transalation of which is ”And the Angels vist them from each door and send them their compliments, glad tiddings for peace and safety against each kind of misfortune. All this is the fruit of your contentment (and steadfastness for the religion of Islam). There is therefore a good reward for you in the Hereafter.”

This story of the idolator shows the Greatness of Allah and His Mercy towards the man who previously worshipped idols. He sent the people to the island as a means to guide the idolator and thus rewarded him a magnificent rewardin the hereafter.
”O Master of the world ! Whom Thou giveth to, nobody can withhold and whom Thou giveth not, no one can confer upon him.”

Cheap Ticket to Paradise

A man from a respectable background came to Balkh in Iran, accompanied by his wife and daughters. Shortly after their arrival the man fell ill and later died, leaving his wife and daughters. Without his support they became poor and suffered. So fearing the mockery of enemies, she fled Balkh with her daughters to another town.

On the day she arrived the weather was very cold, so she left her daughters in a mosque and went out in search of food. She passed by two groups of people. One was gathered around a Muslim who was the Sheikh and the other group around a Zoroastrian (Majusi) who was the security officer of the city.

She first went to the Sheikh and described her situation saying, “I am a woman of a respectable family, with daughters whom I have left in the local mosque, I have come in search of food.” He asked her, “Bring me proof that you are from a respectable family.” She replied, “I am a stranger in this town and therefore do not know anyone to testify for me.” She departed from him brokenhearted.

She then went to the Zoroastrian and explained her situation to him, telling him about her noble background and her orphaned daughters who were,waiting her return. She also mentioned to him how the Sheikh had treated her. The Zoroastrian stood up and sent some womenfolk to bring her daughters and took all of them to his house. There he showered them with honour and generosity. He fed them fine food and clothed them in rich garments.

That night the Sheikh saw in a dream the Day of Resurrection and the banners were unfurled around the Prophet (Peace be Upon him). Ahead of him, was a green palace made of emeralds, its balconies of pearls and rubies and domes of pearls and corals. He asked the Prophet (Peace be Upon him), “Messenger of Allah, for whom is this palace?” The Prophet (Peace be Upon him) replied, “For a Muslim.” The Sheikh replied, “I am a Muslim!” The Prophet (Peace be Upon him) said, “Prove to me that you are a Muslim?” At that, the Sheikh was dumbstruck. The Prophet (Peace be Upon him) then said, “You asked a woman to produce proof of her respectability, and therefore my question to you, is can you produce proof that you are a Muslim?” At this point the Sheikh felt remorse about his treatment towards the woman and her orphaned daughters.

In the morning, he immediately set out to find the woman. He learnt she was staying with the Zoroastrian and so called for him. When the Zoroastrian arrived, the Sheikh requested that he sends the woman and her daughters to him. The Zoroastrian replied, “Under no circumstance! I have received great blessings from her.” The Sheikh said “Take a thousand dinars ftom me and bring them to me.” He shouted, “Impossible! The one who showed you the palace in your dream has made it (the palace) for me. Are you surprised because I am not a Muslim? By Allah, I did not sleep last night, before I and my family accepted Islam at that noble woman’s hand, and I dreamt something similar to what you dreamt; the Messenger of Allah (Peace be Upon him) asked me, “Is that noble woman and her daughters with you?” I replied: “Yes, Messenger of Allah.” The Prophet (Peace be Upon him) said, “This palace is for you and your family. Allah created you a believer in pre-eternity.”

At that the Sheikh remained sorrowful and grieved for the missed opportunity of earning a lofty position in Paradise, due to his neglect of the widowed woman and her daughters. Allah’s Messenger (Peace be Upon him) has said, “The one who strives on behalf of the widow and the needy is like a warrior in the path of Allah”. (Bukhari and Muslim,)

May Allah guide us to what is right for indeed, He is Generous, the most Kind, the most Merciful!

Stories of the Pious by Shaykh Ahmad Ali


All praise is due to Allah, The Most Beneficent and The Most Merciful. We praise Him, and seek His forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves and the mischief of our deeds. Whomsoever Allah guides cannot be misguided and whomsoever Allah misguides cannot be guided. Peace and blessings be upon the final messenger, Muhammad (SAW), upon his family and his noble companions Ameen.

Whilst on a visit to Darul-Uloom AI-Arabiya, Lancashire; in search of material for a lecture, by chance I came across a very beautiful piece of work. It was the book ‘Rawdur-Ryyahen Fee Hikaayaat as-Saliheen’ written by a master of the 7th century. The book contains around 500 beautiful stories about the pious, their experiences and their karamaat (miracles). Having read this book I was very intrigued, and realizing that the author had compiled these stories because of his love for the Awliya; immediately the thought of translating the book and benefiting the English speaking Muslims came to mind. However, fearing that I may not be able to complete the translation of the whole book I decided finally to at least translate a few stories to express my love for the Awliya. I hope one day Allah will give tawfiq to somebody to translate the whole book.

The author of the original work, which consists of around 600 pages and 500 stories, was Afifud-Din Abdullah bin As’ad Al- Yamani al- Yafi’ee as-Shafi’ee. Born 696AH near Aadan, Yemen; he was a man of great capability which began to show at a very early age. He benefited from, and studied under, Qadi Najmuddin at-Tabri; Radi -ud- din at- Tabri; Salih Mohammed bin Ahmad al Bassal; Shaykh Sharfud Ahmad bin ali al-Harazi. Acknowled and praised by his teachers he was a great scholar who spent his life serving the deen and his 44 works bear witness to this. His most famous work was ‘Rawdur-Raiyaheen’. He died in 768AH (May Allah grant him paradise).

    The Boy who tried to escape Death – ch10

    As Ahmad walks towards the magical gates, they slowly open releasing an incredible scent out in the open. Ahmad’s hair is pushed back as the wind gently strikes against his body.

    He enters the large magical dome, and there before him is an incredible garden of literally thousands of large colourful flowers and bushes never seen by man. Streams of blue and green water pass through the land like meandering rivers, the water passing along at a generally fast speed. As the water hits against the banks of the rivers, splashes of water rise and suddenly turn into hundreds of colourful fruits resembling bubbles, floating around, waiting to be picked by someone and eaten. All along the banks of the rivers are magical gems and rubies in colours unknown to man. Ahmad runs towards the river laughing and in an ecstatic mood. He quickly places his arms deep within the magical water, which feels so soothing and cool. He takes some water in his hands and takes a sip. The flavour is beyond imagination, similar to that of a magical tropical fruit. He finds one of the floating fruits resembling a bubble and takes it in his hand. He takes a bite, his teeth easily sinking into the almost see through fruit. He cannot believe the flavour, something indescribable. He spends time enjoying the fruit around him when he suddenly hears laughing in the distance. He turns around in shock and there in the distance is a small group of Muslims sitting together enjoying a Hugh feast. He smiles and quickly runs up to them.

    “Assalaamu’Alycom dear Brother. Come join us.” One of the Brothers calls to him smiling.

    “Wa’laycom Assalaam!” Ahmad says excitedly.

    He is given a golden plate full of rice, lamb and salad. The food looks flawless. Not a single defect can be found in the food.

    “Mashah’Allah! So this is it? No more sadness and worry? I still cannot get over the excitement that there will never be any boredom, sadness, pain or worry!” Ahmad says.

    The Brothers around him laugh.

    “Wait until we enter Paradise and see the Face of our Allah.” One Brother says.

    “AllahuAkbar!!!” All of the Muslims call out.

    Suddenly a multi coloured cloud appears over them and a shower of gems fall upon them like snowflakes. Each gem is edible, a delicious sweet given to them by Allah. An angel suddenly appears to the Muslims and says, “Dear Slaves of Allah! This is a small gift from Allah to thank you for praising His name.”

    “AllahuAkbar! AllahuAkbar! AllahuAkbar!” The Muslims continue to scream out in extreme happiness, tears appearing from their eyes. Just the thought of Allah loving them is beyond words and description. No gift can ever be compared to being loved by Allah.

    Time passes on, not affecting the Muslims within the magical dome.

    Ahmad lays upon a bed of a material made only for the pious, watching above as small gem like leaves float around in all directions, releasing a beautiful scent attaching to anything it touches.

    Ahmad slowly looks to the left and what he sees is something he could not possibly imagine would happen�There, before him, is his mother, father, two brothers and his sister! His whole family is there before him!

    “Mama! Dada! My Brothers and Sister!!!” He rushes towards them and hugs them tightly.

    “My son! My son!” His mother cries out, crying out of extreme happiness.

    “How? By Allah how?!” Ahmad calls out in tremendous exhilaration.

    “Well by dear Son. 10 years after your death, we went to Hajj. It was the most exhilarating experience ever. Nothing could be compared to standing among all the Muslims bowing down to Allah.

    While in Salat al-Layl (night Prayer), your mother and I made big Du’a to Allah to grant us a place with you in the Hereafter. After coming back from Hajj, we were all in our car driving back home reciting Qur’an, when suddenly we were struck by a truck and we all died by the will of Allah.”

    “SubhanAllah! What is also shocking was when you mentioned 10 years! It feels I was here for only a few days! I thank Allah so much that He has united my family with me!”

    An angel suddenly appears before the family.

    “No more sadness, no more division. You were united upon the Earth and were separated at death. You have now united for the second time, and unity will be for eternity. You will be a family forever. You will enter Paradise together, without end. You will be loved by Allah forever!” The angel calls out smiling towards them.

    “Lah Illah Ha Illallah! Takbeer! AllahuAkbar!” The family call out hand in hand.

    “Mama! Dada! And my dear brothers and little sister! Come and I will show you around, for there is so much to show you in here, and even with this, I have only seen a fraction of what is in this Hugh magical dome. Imagine what will be in Paradise!!!” Ahmad calls out in excitement indescribable.

    There they went: Ahmad, his mother, father, brothers and little sister, off to enjoy a magnificent feast with the rest of the blessed brothers and sisters within the magical dome of wonder. Muslims that will be united forever. A unity that will grow for eternity to come. A love and family bond that will continue to grow between them forever and ever�

    The End.