Currency of Jannah

Every country has its particular financial currency. Pakistani rupees cannot function in America, where the currency is the dollar, and whoever has more dollars will live that much more comfortably. Likewise, the currency of Saudi Arabia is the riyal, and whoever has more riyals will be that much richer than the one who does not.

The currency of the Hereafter is righteous deeds and no other currency will benefit man after his death. There will be no foreign currency exchange where he can change his money for good deeds like we do here when traveling from country to country. The person who has more of this currency of good deeds will be in that much more comfort than the person who does not. Today we have been given time to amass this currency so that we may be in comfort in the Hereafter. It will be too late in the grave.

Does man ever stop to reflect on the fact that he is getting old? The answer is an emphatic no because man always considers himself young in every circumstance. His youth slips away and man becomes an empty shell but he does not realize this. He still thinks himself young when the Angel of Death comes for him.

Source: Purpose of Man by Shaykh Zulfiqar

10 thoughts on “Currency of Jannah”

  1. MashaAllah this is a wonderful site, which my every brother and sister should go through. Small stories which such strong morals.
    Dear muslims its time to wake up, do something for our Ummah and our religion. May Allah bless the publishers of this site and all of us AMEEN.

  2. yes…surely the currency of this world will not be used in jannah…we will only carry our aamaal from this world to akhirat

  3. Assalamualaikum.
    Alhamdulillah brother you are doing a great job.May Allah bless you & our entire Ummat-e-Muhammadia

  4. Sins & bad deeds create a hole in our good deeds pocket & ultimatily devastate us. May ALLAH (SWT) protect us all till death (Aamin)

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