Islamic Q&A

Do you have a question you need answering? Try one of the following Islam QA links to get answers to your questions by traditional, reliable and authentic scholars.

Islam QA sites:


Ask Imam


Darul Iftaa Trinidad

Darul Ifta Deoband

Foodguide UK

Islam QA Multiple site search for Islamic Q&A

Jameah Mahmoodiyah Springs


Jamiyyat Canada

Mufti says


Guidelines regarding Islam QA

When visiting Islam QA websites above please browse/ search for answers to your question before putting in a question request.

Ensure you read, re-read and adopt the solution given for your question/ problem.

Do not go ‘fatwa shopping’ on these Islam QA sites.

Where you find more than one different answer from the Islam QA sites above, please adopt the position of most Taqwa.

Share this page with friends, family and colleagues – online and offline so that the Ummah can benefit from the above services.

If you know of any other trusted and reliable QA sites then leave a message and I will review them for inclusion in the above list.  Jazakallah and we hope you find your answer using the Haq Islam QA page resources.

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  1. I am going through hard times following a sudden divorce, where my ex has left me & our 2 daughters homeless & penniless. Just need some guidance please

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