Shaykh Ibrahim Memon Madani

Shaikh Ibrahim Memon Madani was born in the blessed city of the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم), Madinah Munawarrah, where he began his Hifz al Qur’an and study of hadith. As a young boy, he attended the lessons of the great Shaikh ul-Hadith, Shaikh Zakariya r.a, winning his adoration and duas.

In 1980, upon instruction of Shaikh Zakariya r.a, he left for England to study at Darul-Uloom Holocombe where he completed his Hifz ul-Qur’an and Aalim course.

In 1987, he moved to Waterloo, Canada to serve as Imam of the masjid. Four years later, he moved to Buffalo with his father and brothers to help establish Darul-Uloom Al-Madania.

In 1993, Hazrat Sufi Iqbal r.a. (a beloved student of the late Shaikh Zakariya r.a.) granted him Ijazah for Bai’yah.

Since 1991, Shaikh Ibrahim has been serving as a teacher of Arabic, Fiqh, Hadith, and Tafseer. He regularly lectures at colleges, churches, and Masajid all over the United States and abroad.

Shaykh’s beneficial lectures and duroos can be heard on Darul Uloom al Madania website.

May Allah swt give good health and long life to Shaykh Ibrahim Madani in order that the ummah continue to benefit from his lessons and knowledge. Ameen.

5 thoughts on “Shaykh Ibrahim Memon Madani”

  1. Masha Allah
    Sheikh Ibrahim,
    I am listening to your CDs lately and I love them
    I feel myself very close to Allah ( SWT )
    May Allah give you healty long life
    Your way of teaching is wonderful and very pleasent
    Your brother
    Javed Choudhry

  2. Assalam,

    Mashallah respected Shaik Ibrahim for the clear thinking and reflections you use in light of Quran and hadith to educate the true self. I must say that listening to your lectures have helped me in sorting out the falsehood of this duniya and better understand the truth and reality of life. Indeed, Allah gives guidance to whom he wills and the best dua I can make for our ummah is Surah Fateha and this, I came to understand by Allahs will through your lectures of tafsir on Quran. Inshallah may your deeds be mountains of rewards to you in the hereafter. Ameen. All praise belongs to Allah, the infinitely compassionate and merciful.

    May Allah give Sheikh more sound and active health, and protect him from worldly evils and devils.

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