10 Principles for the Upbringing of Children

1. Teach by example, because children listen with their eyes.
2. Introduce Allah to your child: His glory, obedience to Him over obedience to anyone else, asking only from Him, Importance of the Faraa’idh.

3. Introduce Rasoolullah (S) to your child: His life & times, following his Sunnah in everything in life, his Message, and his Work: Da’wah.

4. Systematic education of Islam parallel with regular education: 4-5 hours/week; Arabic language, Tajweed, Qira’ah ul-Qur’an, Aqeedah, Hadith, Fiqh, Seerah.

5. Manners: Akhlaaq. Attention to detail about all aspects of behavior reinforced by your own behavior. You have to practice what you preach.

6.Concern for others : Self centered: Family members, environment, servants, strangers, road users, neighbors, shop keepers: Sensitive or senseless?

7. Physical fitness: Mothers stop pampering. Regular sports, especially team sports, nutrition, no junk food.

8. Scheduling time: Wake & Sleep early, TV, Daily Muhasiba, diary writing.

9. Responsibility: School projects, commons, home, neighborhood,

10. Drive for excellence in everything: Being No.1. Winning is a habit. So is losing. Focus on quality. Be a Standard Bearer of Islam.

Source: At-Talib

9 thoughts on “10 Principles for the Upbringing of Children”

  1. Striving for excellence in eemaan is vital,but a child shouldn’t be pressurised to excel in studies,such as coming first in everything. It ruins childhood joys and also the mental wellbeing of the child. So many school children,in India,commit suicide each year,due to parents who are never satisfied and just wish to showcase their childrens’ achievements in front of other parents,just to show off. Striving for excellence is needed,but a balance needs to be struck and parents need to be sporting enough.

    1. Wa alaykum salam,
      Please can you send a soft copy of the book to info [at] haqislam . org? Jazakallah
      Yes we will reference the document back to the author once we have ascertained who it is.


  2. Asak. We appreciate you posting this on your website. Please also post the name of the Shaykh who took pain to prepare and come up with this article.

  3. My comment is that human being from childhood has a developmental stages and each stage needs a particular effort to build important aspects of personality which will aid the next stage. I think the aforementioned 10 principles should put that categorisation into consideration in order to avoid overlapping.

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