Bare Minimum

If we ponder upon our lives we will find that we do not suffice with only the bare necessities required to make ends meet. We toil and sweat to attain the luxuries as well.

From our house to our car, everything has to be up to date and well ornamented. Despite our worldly existence being transitory we strive to attain everything of the best quality.

Yet when it comes to deen, we suffice with the minimum required and do only those actions which are necessary and compulsory.

We completely discard and abandon those desirable actions which help beautify and fortify a person’s Iman and spirituality.

by Anas Patel

4 thoughts on “Bare Minimum”

  1. we’ve to make provisions for the most permanent life not for the temporal life. The yaumul khiyam is the most reliable best and everlasting. So we’ve to plan for it now!

  2. Rasulullah saw said :
    “Strive for the importance of this world, like you would live forever, but strive for the importance of the Akhirah, like you would die the next day.”

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