“If you take pride in your physical strength, remember that the mule, the donkey, and the bull are stronger than you and better suited to carrying heavy loads.

If you feel vain about the lightness of your running style, remember that the dog and the hare surpass you in this field.

It is extremely curious that rational beings feel proud of something in which they are surpassed by dumb animals.”

Ibn Hazm Al’Andulasi, Rahmatullahialay

5 thoughts on “Pride”

  1. Im extremely happy to see the topic PRIDE in my mail. It is a topic that should always be touched by our Teachers and schorlars for the benefit of our brothers and sisters in Islam and even the non-muslims. Once it is being taught from time to time, inshaAllah pride in our people is likely reduce. Wishing you all reward from Allah for the efforts. thanks.

  2. Mashallah, it is great fortune that you are gifted to inspire such elegant comment by Ahmed, and how fortunate we (people) are for us to be able to learn.

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