Tips for Exam Success

Asslam Alaykum,

Given it’s the time of the year when many are either sitting exams or about to over the coming weeks, I thought I would share my top tips for exam success.  I pray you find them beneficial and that Allah grants you success in this life and the hereafter, ameen.

1, Avoid unnecessary talking outside the exam hall before the exam. It’s too late to do anything now and listening to others about what they have revised, or not, might just damage your confidence

2, Commence with Bismillah. Read the paper/ exam question carefully (note how many questions need to be answered)

3, Decide on which questions you will answer.  At first you might tick all those you can answer and then narrow them down further by preference if you have too many.

4, Divide your time equally in proportion to the marks available for each question/ sub question.

5, Re read the question, highlighting any key words

6, Make an answer plan. Even if it is only brief notes beside the question it will help you cover all your points and give a structure to your answer.

7, Pray Bismillah and start answering the question, sticking with the time allocation you planned out and referring back to the question so you actually answer the question and not go off track.

8, Write clearly – the examiner cannot mark what they cannot read! Leave a line space between your main points/ paragraph to help the examiner mark your work.

9, Avoid the post-mortam analysis after the exam with friends and other students.

10, Perform 2 units of prayer and make dua in gratitude to Allah that the exam went well and that He grants you success.

32 thoughts on “Tips for Exam Success”

  1. Asalaamu Alaikum,

    Aany advice pre actual exam regarding balancing ones religious duties with academic? An effective daily timetable etc?

    JZK in advance for any helpful tips

    1. Wa Alaykum Salam
      Jazakallah for your comment. All I can suggest is that you fit your revision/ study in with the timings for your religious obligations. So you need to take breaks, make your break times the time you perform wudu and say your prayers. Before starting the day ensure your daily Quran recital is completed. Here are a couple of articles which may already explain what you’re asking. If not please say here and we shall try and explain/ suggest somehting insha’Allah.
      Revision Guidelines
      Revising + Exams = Headache?

      Please share this article and the other 2 with your friends and around the web so others also benefit from it.


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  3. selam 3leykm w r7met allah ta3ala w bereketo jesekm alllah 5ayrn these comments will be useful 4 me as i got a math exam know

  4. alhamdulillah coming across this your site. I listen with keen interest the radio channel .infact it is applicable here in nigieria in the sense that muslimare divided according to various sect like Izalatul bidiah wa ikamatus sunnah and tarika.

    My prayer is that muslim should unit regardless of sect.

    From Shams shama

  5. @aglia
    ap ko sab sy pehley apny spellings thek karny hongay phr kuch likhny ka sochna

    the spelling of SALAM & the correct word is ASSALAM O ALAIKUM…………………..

  6. Assalam-o-alaikum



  7. i have three big exams this week. ive been studying alot for and need to pass them all. i pray to allah that i pass. inshallah. please pray for me.

  8. Assalam wa alaikum,
    The tip which you have given for exam success is very helpful ^_^

    I wanted to know if you knew any dua which could make me remember things easily since it takes me hours and hours but I just can’t remember anything. Nothing stays in my brain for too long. One minute I remember it and the next minute I have forgotten it.

  9. Asalamoualaikum
    I am very stress and anxious as i am waiting for my first year LLB result.Ask duah for me that I pass in all my modules. thank u a lot

  10. Asalamoalaikum,
    I am going to take a very major and difficult exam on Oct.3 2011. Please dua for my success and make it easy for me.

  11. salam,2day is my result for class 1st year,plz pray 4 me and my frndz,i am in stres,and needs prayerz…i shall be highly thanx full 2 u….

  12. hey guys! im going through hard n hard time:( insahallah mujhe yakeen hai aaj aise hard moment se gurazru.. kal insahallah acha se acha years guzoroungey inshallah.. but i need your’s dua. so guys plz n plz make me dua for ill pass in all subjects.

  13. Asalamoalaikum,
    I am getting my first set of GCSE’s next week Thursday the 23rd of August. Many people believe that i am going to do well but i have my doubts.I have been praying a lot to allah for me to pass. So please pray for me that i get great results.Inshallah.

  14. Anyone pls help me I basically just had a maths exam
    I do modula exams the one I just did was the last section
    Of it I previously got an A on my other modula.
    The exam I just did I feel as if I messed up 🙁
    Pls help me I stress abt my exams that just did all the time
    Tell me if there are duas which can help

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